To join the Editors of Linguistics Journals Committee, please contact the Secretariat staff.


The Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals (CELxJ) began informally in 2003. The group has held yearly committee meetings since then at the LSA's annual meeting. It has organized several symposia and developed a unified style sheet for linguistics journals. The primary goal is to increase communication among journal editors, reviewers, authors, and readers in linguistics.


The committee is to facilitate communications among journal editors, and to deliberate questions and issues of common concern. The committee also serves as a consulting body for LSA decision-making regarding publication practices.


The committee convenes a meeting annually at the LSA Meeting to discuss issues of interest to editors and linguists generally with respect to publication in journals. The committee publicizes to the general LSA membership any issues of concern regarding journal publication in our field through organized symposia and other appropriate mechanisms.


This committee, consisting of at least ten members, is open to all editors of linguistics journals, including book review editors and associate editors. It is chaired by the editor of an LSA journal, and is overseen by a four-person steering committee selected by the membership.

Committee Members

  • Editor: John Beavers, University of Texas at Austin (Language)
  • Co-editor: Shelome Gooden, University of Pittsburgh (Language)
  • Associate Editors:
    • Jesse Harris, University of California
    • Mike Putnam, Pennsylvania State University
    • Maziar Toosarvandani, University of California, Santa Cruz  
    • Lisa Green, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Eric Bakovic, University of California, San Diego (Open Phonology)
  • David Beaver, University of Texas at Austin (Semantics and Pragmatics)
  • Jennifer Cole, Northwestern University (Laboratory Phonology)
  • Stan Dubinsky, University of South Carolina (International Journal of Language Studies)
  • Kleanthes Grohmann, University of Cyprus (Biolinguistics)
  • Barbara Johnstone, Carnegie Mellon University (Language in Society)
  • Brian Joseph, The Ohio State University (Journal of Greek Linguistics)
  • Ellen Kaisse, University of Washington (Phonology)
  • Keren Rice, University of Toronto (International Journal of American Linguistics)
  • Joe Salmons, University of Wisconsin (Diachronica: International journal for historical linguistics)
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Melissa Baese-Berk, University of Oregon, (Journal of Phonetics, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America)
  • Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo

Current Activities and Project Archive

Prior to becoming a formal committee of the LSA, the CELxJ operated informally. An archive of recent and past activities is housed here.