Nominations for the Bloomfield Book Award Committee are solicited every spring.   



Established in 1990. The award was originally presented only in even-numbered years; starting in 2009 it is presented annually. 


The Committee evaluates all books submitted and recommends one title to the Executive Committee which must formally approve the recommendation.


Nominations are solicited from the linguistics community and from publishers by 1 May. Further information about the award criteria are available in the Honors and Awards page. The recommendation and a citation are sent to the Secretariat by 1 November. The Committee also prepares a 50-word citation which is read at the award ceremony during the Business Meeting and posted on the LSA website. The prize is not to be split, and there are no honorable mentions. Books entered for this prize need not be returned.

Membership (by invitation)

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff.

3 members, serving two-year terms (one member to be appointed in odd year, two members to be appointed in even years).  Beginning in 2018, the Committee will include a fourth member, who will be a past member of the LSA's Executive Committee, ideally one who has served as a Liaison to either the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics or the Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics.

Committee Members, 2023

  • Charles Yang, University of Pennsylvania, Chair  (2023)
  • Marlyse Baptista, University of Michigan (2023)
  • Mary Kohn, Kansas State University (2024)
  • Jason Merchant, University of Chicago (2025)

Executive Committee Liaison: Sonja Lanehart

Staff Liaison:  Vy Le