Established in 1992 as the Advisory Committee to Linguistic Programs. Its name was changed in 1995 to Program Advisory Committee and in 1996 to Departmental Advisory Committee. Current name adopted in 1997.


The Advisory to Programs Committee is the initial point of contact within the Linguistic Society of America for linguistics departments and programs that seek the Society’s help in dealing with adverse circumstances at their home institutions, most frequently arising in their relationships with their local administrations.  Requests for assistance that come to the LSA staff or officers are referred to this committee for review and recommended action. 


The Committee acts only on requests from departments or programs.  On receipt of a request, the Committee gathers information about the situation and recommends appropriate action to the Executive Committee, which has final authority concerning any action taken on behalf of the LSA.  The Committee may consult broadly in gathering information, but keeps its proceedings and its recommendations confidential.  The action taken is most frequently in the form of a letter to the responsible administrators, setting forth the LSA’s perspective on the situation.  Under no circumstances will the committee or the Society as a whole concern itself with specific personnel decisions or disputes.  Also, the LSA cannot evaluate or rank individual departments or programs. 

Membership (by invitation)

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff

Members, 2023

  • Chair: Frederick Newmeyer, University of Washington, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University
  • Mark Aronoff, Stony Brook University (2023)
  • Cathy O'Connor, Boston University (2024)
  • Richard Wright, University of Washington (2024)
  • Executive Committee Liaison:  Frederick Newmeyer
  • Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo