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Congratulations to Aida Talic who is our featured spotlight member!



Title of Publication: 

Long-Form and Short-Form Prenominal Adjectives are not Reduced Relative Clauses in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Journal: Linguistic Inquiry


Aida is a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Connecticut, where she came to pursue her research interests in syntax after completing a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In her dissertation, she focuses on examining whether syntactic categories (primarily adjectives and nouns) project in a uniform way within a language and whether the structure projected by the same lexical category is the same or different cross-linguistically, which links to the general question of what parts of grammar are subject to variation and what is universal. The squib featured here is a part of this broader project, which investigates the structure of phrases containing adjectives, as well as their interpretation, morphology, and prosody. She has also been investigating the interaction between the syntactic and the prosodic component of the grammar, focusing on how clitics, as prosodically dependent items, are parsed in the prosody and how syntactic operations and the complexity of phrases containing clitics affect certain accentual phenomena in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

In addition to doing research in linguistics, Aida enjoys teaching about language, its place in the mind, and how linguists approach exploring it; she has been teaching various linguistics courses for several years now as a teaching assistant and as an instructor.

Why did you decide to become an LSA student member?    

The LSA is doing important work in promoting linguistic research within the scientific community and to the general public by providing platforms for sharing ideas and collaboration through publications, meetings and institutes, as well as creating content for the general public about various language-related issues that language users are faced with every day. Apart from getting updated on most recent findings in linguistic research, as a graduate student member I have also benefited from career and professional development resources.


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