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Search our listings for conferences and events of special interest to linguists and language scholars. In the listings below, you'll find the latest information on deadlines, meeting locations and links. Submit your listing to the LSA.
The LSA maintains the following list of Media Experts on a broad range of topics relating to linguistics and the scientific study of language. All of the linguists listed have agreed to serve as expert spokespersons in their area of scholarly research. Members of the news media are invited to contact these linguists directly for inquiries about news stories relating to any issue listed below.
Contact between people speaking different languages can have a wide variety of outcomes. In some cases only a few words are borrowed; in others whole new languages may be formed.

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The LSA is active in addressing a range of issues affecting women, including those facing the linguistics workforce, but also those affecting users of language.
Applications are now available for scholarships to attend CoLang 2014, the Institute on Collaborative Language Research, which will take place in June and July, 2014 at the University of Texas at Arlington under the direction of Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald.  
In an effort to document demographic changes in the academic linguistics community, the LSA has commissioned an annual report detailing information about job titles, students, degrees awarded, average salaries, and more. The Annual Report for 2013 can be accessed here, and offers information about trends in student enrollment and employment by industry.