Authors of or contributors to a book should be identified by their full names the first time they are mentioned (unless they publish under their initials). After the first mention, authors (but not editors) should be referred to by the first letter of their surname. However, where a book has many contributors, as in the case of collections of papers, it is simplest to continue to use the full last name rather than clutter the text with abbreviations.

Book reviews follow the same citation format as articles, with a list of REFERENCES at the end. Reviews also permit numbered example sentences and figures, though these should be used sparingly. Section headings are not permitted in reviews.

Book notices should not have any footnotes and should avoid citations wherever possible. Certainly if one is writing ‘From Syntactics Structures forward ...’ or "’…in Bloomfield’s Language’, there is no need for a citation. If citations are necessary, they should be provided in the text of the notice itself, e.g. (Topic continuity in discourse, Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1983) or (Language in Society 13.79–80, 1984).

Writers are encouraged to mimic the format of the finished reviews and notices as closely as possible with respect to type-face and layout and should follow the general LSA style sheet for abbreviations.

We have adopted one change in the customary format of reviews and book notices: while we prefer that page citations be given for chapters (since it is helpful to know how an author has spent his or her intellectual energy), we no longer require it.

The first page of text in a review or book notice should begin with a header. The header gives the book’s title, the names of all of the author(s) or editor(s), parenthetical information about a series (if any), the place of publication, publisher, year, pagination, ISBN, and the cost in US dollars (if available). (The headers do count in the word limit.)

Full reviews should next include the following line flush right after the header. For example:

-Reviewed by John SmithNew Mexico University

This should be separated from the header above and the following text below it by a blank line. The review author's address should appear at the end of the review.

Book notices include the same author information line as full reviews (see example above), but the author’s contact information is not included at the end of the notice.

We ask that authors of full book reviews and book notices submit their text both in Word and PDF formats.

We also ask that reviews and book notices include a cover page giving the book's title and author, the category of the submission, the word count, the date, and the author's name, affiliation, and surface- and e-mail addresses. This saves us time in flipping to the end of reviews and notices to find the contributor's address. The cover sheet should appear on both Word and PDF documents.

Please be sure to double-space the text and to leave adequate margins for line editing.

To keep things manageable, we work with book reviews and notices in batches, as time and staff resources allow. On a monthly basis the Review Editor forwards batches of reviews to the copy editor and the Editor for inclusion in the journal. When a review appears in print depends on how large the backlog of reviews ahead of it is, how much editing is required, and the amount of space available for reviews in an issue. Review authors will receive a PDF proof of their contribution after the typesetting is complete. Corrections proofs must be returned to the main Language office within 48 hours.

For questions and comments about the journal, contact the editorial office at

For further information, refer to the book reviews policies.