Book reviews are commissioned by the editors of Language and are published in the print journal. We regret that Language receives many more book review submissions than we can accept for review.

Book notices have been discontinued and are no longer available for request. Please visit to view the archives. 

Information may be found below for prospective authors of book reviews. Contributors should familiarize themselves with Language style and policy on reviews. Particular information about Language Book Reviews policy as regards book publishers is found in policy note #11.

  • Authors of Book Reviews must sign and return this: Copyright Licensing Agreement form (Book Reviews)
  • Please note the following editorial policies pertaining to the Book Review section of Language: Editorial Policies
  • For issues of style and format of Language book reviews, please consult the: Style Sheet
  • For further information consult the: Frequently asked questions about book notices and book reviews (copied from an editors' column of the same name by Mark Aronoff and Ed Battistella, Language 72.203-206)

Other communication with the Language Book Review office may be addressed as follows:

Language Reviews

c/o Helen Goodluck

Department of Language and Linguistic Science

University of York

York YO10 5DD

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1904 432659