The LSA is seeking candidates for election as Editor of Language, for a seven-year term beginning in January, 2016. All LSA members are invited to submit nominations, including self-nominations. The Editor of Language is charged with maintaining a high-quality and regularly published journal for the LSA.

The LSA Constitution specifies the duties of the Editor as follows: “The Editor of Language shall be elected to a seven-year term, subject to periodic review by the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for the editorial content and format of the journal, and shall report to the Executive Committee. In special circumstances, the Executive Committee may extend the term of the Editor for one year. The Editor, in consultation with the Executive Committee, may appoint Associate Editors, an Executive Editor, and a Review Editor. Approval of expenditures in connection with the publication of the journal is the responsibility of the Executive Committee.”

This entails overseeing journal staff (journal assistant, proofreaders and copy editors) to ensure effective communications with editors, authors, the LSA secretariat, and the press (currently Sheridan/Dartmouth Journal Services), and overseeing copy editing and proofreading of manuscripts readied for publication. The Editor reports to the LSA membership annually on the state of the journal, and to the Executive Committee semi-annually. The Editor attends the two annual meetings of the Executive Committee, in January (at the beginning of the Annual Meeting) and the other in April-May, as a non-voting participant. The Editor submits an annual budget to the LSA Secretariat.

Candidates should have strong organizational skills, and be comfortable with and adept at reviewing manuscripts to ensure quality evaluation of submissions. A general familiarity with LSA activities and governance procedures is an asset. The Editor plays a key role in setting journal policy and practices, and in implementing initiatives, and will consult with the recently established Publications Committee. In addition, particular challenges that are likely to face the next Editor include enhancing the journal’s online content and increasing involvement in electronic publication; some expertise or at least strong interest in these areas will be valuable.

The Editor position is a demanding one, requiring 15-20 hours per week on average, with considerable fluctuation. At the same time, it is a highly rewarding opportunity to interact with many members of the LSA, and to serve the Society and the profession. There is an honorarium associated with the position.

The Executive Committee will select a single nominee to appear on the ballot for election in the fall of 2015. Please direct nominations, inquiries, and expressions of interest to Alyson Reed, Executive Director, by e-mail to Nominations will be accepted until the position is filled.

Screening of nominations will begin on August 1; members are encouraged to submit nominations by August 1, 2014. Self-nominations are particularly encouraged. Nominations of others should be accompanied by an indication of the nominee’s willingness to serve if elected. With a nomination, please include a CV (including contact information for three references) and a brief statement indicating the nominee’s editorial experience and ideas about the future direction for the journal.