Slate of Candidates

The Slate of Candidates for LSA Officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee for 2015 is available for review here.

If by July 8, 2014-six months before the Annual Meeting-ten or more members have separately and in writing (to the attention of the Nominating Committee at the LSA Secretariat) nominated any additional individual member for any position, and that member agrees to be presented as a candidate for the position in question, then that name shall be added to the ballot submitted to the members. The final Slate of Candidates will be presented to the membership for online voting beginning in September 2014.

Proposed Amendments

The Executive Committee has proposed a number of amendments to the LSA Constitution and Bylaws (viewable here), with the aim of bringing these documents into line with current practice. LSA members will be asked to vote for or against these amendments in bulk during regular LSA elections in September-November 2014.

In addition, any LSA member may propose an amendment to the LSA Constitution by submitting a proposal in writing to the LSA Secretariat no later than July 1 of any year, along with favoring arguments and the signatures of at least twenty-five members of the Society. Amendments proposed in this way will be submitted to the full membership of the LSA for an electronic vote at the time of the regular election of officers, beginning in September of the same year.