At a special ceremony organized at the University of Connecticut Storrs campus, LSA Executive Committee Members Troy Messick and Susan Fischer presented Jonathan Bobaljik with the 2014 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award for Universals in Comparative Morphology: Suppletion, Superlatives and the Structure of Words, (MIT Press). Bobaljik was unable to attend the formal awards presentatation at the LSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis earlier this year. The ceremony included other recipients of LSA awards and honors who are based at UConn: Diane Lillo-Martin, who was inducted as an LSA Fellow (2011) and Jon Sprouse, who received the LSA Early Career Award (2013). In addition to serving on the Executive Committee, Troy Messick is a recipient of the LSA's prestigious Bloch Fellowship, awarded at the 2013 Linguistic Institute in Ann Arbor.Uconn Award Ceremony