With the publication of the March, 2013 issue of Language, the LSA’s premier journal takes a significant step forward in advancing its internet presence. The online edition of the March issue features two articles within the new section focused on Teaching Linguistics, and supplemental data published for the first time in association with a research article. The new issue of Language also includes an announcement from LSA President Ellen Kaisse about additional changes to the LSA publications program approved by the Executive Committee at its January meeting. Also in the March issue is a Call for Papers to appear in three new sections of the journal: Phonological Analysis; Language and Public Policy; and Teaching Linguistics. With the March issue, readers will notice that the LSA is now accepting paid advertising in its online edition, and we are pleased to offer this space to the 2013 Linguistic Institute, co-sponsored by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and the LSA.

As always, Language features the best in recent linguistics research, including a fascinating new article on “100 Years of Sound Change” by William Labov and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania, reporting on the results of their study of long-term changes in the Philadelphia regional accent. An LSA news release about this article has been sent to interested journalists. All of these materials may be found on the Language site hosted by the LSA’s publishing partner, Project MUSE. In the coming weeks, the LSA will make a number of elements from the March issue available for free (open access) on its own website, following a major revamp of the Publications section found within.