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The LSA is delighted to announce the winner of the Best Paper in Language 2016 Award.  The award will be given to “Language and Linguistics on Trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and Other Vernacular Speakers) in the Courtroom and Beyond”: Language Volume 92, Number 4 (December,


The Society has taken a stand in support of those working to prevent the construction of a natural gas pipeline adjacent to the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux.


Austin to Host Cutting-Edge Linguistic Research in January

Linguistics in the News


The LSA issued the following news release [pdf] in advance of the online publication of Language.


The LSA issued this News Release to highlight the latest research published in the most recent issue of its flagship journal, Language.

The Versatility of Pronouns and Shifting Identity


Congratulations to LSA Past President Joan Bresnan, who received the ACL Lifetime Achievement Award for 2016 on August 10 in Berlin.

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The LSA Media Experts Database provides contact information for more than 50 experts, from all fields of linguistics, who are available to talk with the media.


The LSA periodically issues news releases about research findings published in its journal, newsworthy research being presented at its Annual Meeting, the election of new leadership, and other items of interest. This archive includes all LSA news releases since January 2008.