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Taking Linguistics to the Public: An Outreach Guide

Linguistics and the News Media: An LSA Guide for Linguists

Directory of Departments and Programs

The LSA Directory of Linguistics Departments and Programs is a searchable database users can explore to find out more about linguistics and linguistics-related departments and programs at universities and colleges, primarily in North America. In addition to the entries for individual programs/departments, the LSA produces an annual report on the "State of Linguistics in Higher Education," based on the data provided within the directory.

FAQ Pamphlets

The LSA's FAQ pamphlets are educational and authoritative guides to language-related issues. Written with the layperson in mind, FAQs may be used as instructional aids in linguistics courses, at information sessions for prospective linguistics students, and as part of outreach program to professionals in other fields.

Articles in the Domain of Linguistics

An article entitled "The Field of Linguistics" was first published by the Linguistic Society of America in 1982. Facilitated by a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, it was written to explain the discipline to the general public. A new edition was edited by Geoffrey Nunberg and Thomas Wasow in 1997. The plan is to update this page periodically and to expand the coverage of areas. If you are interested in updating an article, or writing a new one, please contact the LSA by clicking here.

Annual Meeting Handbook

The Annual Meeting Handbook provides a permanent record of the scholarly and professional development activities taking place at each Annual Meeting. It includes abstracts of all plenary, organized, concurrent, and poster sessions of the LSA and the "sister societies" that meet with it: ADS, ANS, NAAHoLS, SPCL, and SSILAClick here to order a copy. (PDF)

Annual Report on the State of Linguistics in Higher Education

The Annual Report on the State of Linguistics in Higher Education details trends in the field of linguistics to include information about student enrollment, academic job titles, salaries, gender, and ethnicity. The LSA has produced three Annual Reports to date, the most recent (for 2015) being released in March 2016.

Workshop Reports from the biennial Linguistic Institutes

At the 2009 Institute held at UC Berkeley, a wokshop on Cyberlinguistics was conducted for interested participants, with funding from the NSF. The final report is available here (PDF).

Other LSA Resources:

  • The LSA Prospectus (PDF) is a comprehensive one-stop guide for organizations wishing to advertise their products and services online, in the LSA's publications, at its Annual Meeting and biennial Institute, or via mailing list rental or sponsored e-mails.