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Membership Categories and Dues

The Linguistic Society of America is the major professional society in the United States that is exclusively dedicated to the advancement of the scientific study of language. With nearly 4,000 members, the LSA speaks on behalf of the field of linguistics and also serves as an advocate for sound educational and political policies that affect not only professionals and students of language, but virtually all segments of society. Founded in 1924, the LSA has on many occasions made the case to governments, universities, foundations, and the public to support linguistic research and to see that our scientific discoveries are effectively applied.

Joining the LSA is one of the best bargains found in any academic discipline.  As LSA President Ray Jackendoff put it in his welcoming remarks at the 2004 Annual Meeting, “The LSA is the institution that represents our profession to the rest of the country…If you aren’t already a member, JOIN! And get your friends and colleagues and students and teachers to join. It’s not only to your benefit but to our whole community, without whom we couldn’t have professional lives as individuals.”

Only individuals may become members of the LSA.  Institutions such as libraries may only purchase a subscription to Language.

Renew Membership

Your timely membership renewal helps the LSA cut down on postage and mailing costs, and assists us in our long-range work with LSA members and other linguists, the media, and the public. 

Membership Benefits

Members receive four issues of Language and are eligible to submit abstracts for the Annual LSA meetings and apply for tuition fellowships to the biennial Linguistic Institute. There also is the intangible, but equally important, benefit that comes from knowing that membership supports the many significant educational and societal contributions of the LSA.  A complete list of the benefits LSA membership confers is described in this section. 

LSA Accomplishments in 2014

Wondering what the LSA has accomplished for its members recently?  Take a look!