Since its founding in 1924, the LSA has published and presented linguistics research. The Society publishes peer-reviewed scholarly linguistics research in the following venues:

  • Language, a quarterly journal featuring new online sections publishing throughout the year
  • Semantics and Pragmatics, an online, open access journal publishing new research throughout the year
  • eLanguage, an online platform that includes co-journals, book notices, archives and conference proceedings.

The LSA also presents linguistics research at the following events:

  • Annual Meeting, a conference featuring over 350 research presentations
  • Biennial Linguistic Institute, a unique event bringing together hundreds of students and faculty from around the world for a 4-6 week scholarly experience.

New!  Extended Abstracts from the 2013 Annual Meeting are available here.

The LSA highlights major linguistics research findings in its News Room, and provides interpretation of relevant linguistics research for a variety of audiences through its FAQ pamphlets, articles on the domain of linguistics, and other resources found online.

The LSA collaborates with other scholarly societies, journal publishers, conference sponsors, and independent scholars to promote and advance linguistics research. Please visit the Resource Hub to learn more about recommended research external to the LSA.